Author: Grace Cooley


Alabaster Studio

  Some in process photos of all of us getting a little messy while working on our alabaster sculptures. Lots of chiseling, filing, and sanding. Even more dust!   



Our trip to Rome was filled with lots of adventures… to say the very least. We started off our trip with some transportation issues (not enough seats on the only bus for all of...



Venice was filled with lots of learning + lots of fun. The city was so beautiful and we all became pros at navigating the water buses. The first day we visited Punta della Dagona,...



We started our two day trip in Florence by visiting the Opera del Duomo. We then went to the baptistery, and after that were able to climb through Brunelleschi’s dome, which we had just...



This past Friday we all traveled to Pisa to see the cathedral, baptistery, and leaning tower. Most of us were able to climb up to the top of the tower and get some really good...


Siena, Viareggio, + Milan

This past weekend we all took a day trip to see the cathedral in Siena. The above photo is all of us sitting on the steps of the cathedral, right before we were able...


We made it.

We made it! It took some groups a bit longer than others, but we all eventually made it to Volterra one way or another. Group one (John, Maddie, Dakota, Aly, Sumer, + me) flew...