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UDM School of Architecture summer program in Volterra blog: May 5th-July 29 2018

Inside the Side Aisle

Pisa Cathedral

  Over the weekend, as a class we traveled to Pisa to see the wondrous architectural examples that include the Pisa Cathedral, the Baptistery, and the Campanile. In the images you are able to...


Roman Theatre

The beautiful Roman Theatre. Something we all walk, laugh, and run by almost everyday. Who knew walking through it would bring such a different experience. Walking through the Roman Theatre you are able to...


Museo Etrusco

The Etruscan Museum was an amazing scene of history and mythology all in one. The history was in the urns themselves which housed the ashes and remnants of the people of the area. The...


Tomba Etrusca

Walls constructed to protect and to serve Large doors and “Gods” planted in the center To learn their true meaning all we can do is observe Now these walls once flawless Formidable Now weathered...


il mio arrivo in Italia

The cluster of emotions and the sounds we hear the smell of espresso in the air the windy leaves in the trees we see and the towns all near the buses and trains we...