Welcome to Volterra

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We all made it to Volterra, Italy and through our first week of classes!  Everyone is enjoying the small town atmosphere, the shops, the food, the people, and the amazing landscape.  This post will take you on a tour of the Volterra International Residential College as we moved throughout the building in this past week and introduce you to the students and faculty who will make Volterra their home this summer.


Meet the Students

ClaireEvon ClaireEvonView

Claire and Evon share an amazing view looking out beyond Porta San Francesco.

AdamBrandon AdamBrandonView

Brandon and Adam have a great view looking out to the other side of town and a prefect view of the chapel next door to the school and looking out to the center of the town.

JacobMatt JacobMattView

Jacob and Matt have a room next to Adam and Brandon, that looks out to the center of town and out to Porta San Felice.

Dakota DakotaView

Dakota, our RA, has a really cool view of the neighboring roofs and the Italian landscape beyond towards Porta San Felice.

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We are all located on the fourth floor of the Volterra International Residential College, which is 72 steps above our studio and classroom.  We have to work off all the deliciously wonderful food some how :)


This week a few of us decided to shop at the many local produce shops, as well as the Saturday market.  We cooked dinner a few times this week in the Antonio Rugiero Dining Hall.

market DSC_0782


One of the other highlights of the week was our opportunity to check out an excavation site where archaeologists and diggers are unveiling a Roman amphitheater.

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Meet the Faculty

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Allegra Pitera (Photo coming soon) is our professor for design studio and a drawing class, this week we went to Porta Docciola and did some quick sketches of the surrounding area.

DSC_0795 DSC_0941

Dr. Devin Stewart teaches Social History of Art in Italy, it has been a fun week exploring the town and learning about Etruscan and Roman Architecture.

DSC_0531 Guelia2 DSC_0470

We had our first Italian lesson with Guilea, one of the program directors at the Volterra International Residential College,  this week we worked on pronouncing our vowels.  Guilea also took us on a tour of Volterra, and showed us some the towns greatest architectural features, as well as the best shops to buy food and other goods at.

massimo's DSC_0574

Massimo’s is the restaurant that we have our meal plan with.  It’s atmosphere is fun and the food is delicious! Massimo’s is perfect place for us to prefect our Italian when ordering food!


There are so many amazing things to share with you all, stay tuned for more pictures and stories as we make Volterra our home this summer.


Arrivederci!!! (See you later!!!)