Tomba Etrusca

Walls constructed to protect and to serve

Large doors and “Gods” planted in the center

To learn their true meaning all we can do is observe

Now these walls once flawless


Now weathered


These walls lead.

Now they lead us to the Etruscan Tombs

On this trip we walked for miles enjoying the beautiful scenery that led us to the Etruscan tombs. We were able to see the paths that were created to take the ashes of the people to these tombs. In the images you are able to see the journey to the tomb and the insides of the tomb in which you can see Joe Odoerfer, our professor, grinning as he sees myself terrified from the spiders and scorpions inside the tomb. Luckily, we actually didn’t see any scorpions. I was too terrified to do anything however, in which the images are blurry.