Museo Etrusco

The Etruscan Museum was an amazing scene of history and mythology all in one. The history was in the urns themselves which housed the ashes and remnants of the people of the area. The mythology was embedded into the base of their urns. The most interesting one to me was the Urn that held the story of Capaneus.

According to legend, Capaneus was an immensely strong man and had a large body size. He was known for being a worthy warrior. His story is also one of arrogance. Something he is also known for. His arrogance. His arrogance also led to his demise. Capaneus had stood at the wall of Thebes as he was trying to burn it to the ground. He shouted and exclaimed that not even Zeus himself could stop him from invading Thebes. As Capaneus climbed the ladder he was struck down and killed with a thunderbolt sent by Zeus.

This depiction is on one of the Urns in this gallery created. It depicts Capaneus hanging upside down falling off of a ladder. Next to him are seven soldiers who accompanied him on this siege.