Studenti Di Alabastro


Alabaster: a translucent form of gypsum or calcite.


There is a strong bond between a student and a teacher. Especially when you both understand each other without speaking a word of the same language. There is an intimate bond between a sculptor and a 31 kilo stone of Alabaster. Especially when what you see in your mind is forming itself, through your hands, expressed into the stone.

Personal Inspiration:

Hercules. The sculpture of Hercules in the Pisa Cathedral. The pure meaning and intention to show the human form, the human body, naked, however in a church. The bold test. The simple and “innocent” act of placing the sculpture under the pulpit of the priest.

Personal Sculpture:

The sculpture I am attempting is a personal reflection, embodied in the stone.  A form, with a head that expresses the well known, “See no Evil, Speak no Evil, Hear no Evil.”