Romulus and Remus: The Twins who, according to local legend, were the founders of Rome and Sienna. Romulus: Rome. The twins with the she-wolf mother. This image, the twins suckling on the she-wolf mother, has become the symbol you can find throughout Sienna.

Sienna is slightly difficult to describe. You walk past a cathedral and on the exterior it looks flat, compressed, irregular in a sense. Yet you walk inside, and shown in the pictures, you see a beautiful farrago that composes architecture like a maestro and his music. Its difficult to experience this and not question. It makes one curious as to how it must be to speak and have a dialogue with the architect, or the artists, or a citizen of the time period of its construction. It causes all to look up, down, left, and right in awe. It provokes all to remember a time they felt something close to the emotion they feel in the current atmosphere. Welcome to Sienna, a beautiful source of historical architecture and energy.