Perseus and Medusa

What emotionless expression remains as a stain on the head

without a body, in the hands, of Perseus instead

At his feet, a corpse, of a monster once loved

or known for, love, or seduction, or lust

Medusa, the gorgon sister

Medusa, the entrapment of man

Medusa, the snakes in your hair

Medusa, with your head in his hand


Hercules and the Centaur Nessus

Nessus, the centaur with infected blood,

Nessus, Whose blood stains Hercules’s hands

Hercules, such ferocity in your hands

Entangled within the hair of this beast

Hercules, Do you know this blood is poisoned?

The Rape of the Sabine

To the women of the Sabine tribe,

what can really be said,

Nothing would seem appropriate

Other than the adoration of the sculpture

a sculpture depicting an entire lesson withing its form

towering over the men

stealing the women

using “lawful wedlock” to justify the unjustified

You can never justify the unjustified