Life Bistro

Chemiurgia: Born in America, defines a branch of industry that applies chemistry to deal with the preparation of products exclusively from raw materials and natural resources, using only renewable resources without damaging the environment.


Once a dream of Henry Ford’s, now a dream of a local shop in Volterra called, “Life Bistro.”

Life Bistro is a prime example of the old and the new working with one another. In all senses. In the physical, the ground plane is composed of panes of glass to expose the history below. You see the walls once built stone by stone, now ruin, that have thousands of years difference even among themselves.

Life Bistro is run by Enrico, a vibrant man with a dream to spread his concept that embraces Volterra. Food by weight. Organic Food by weight. This concept, along with the delicious food, changed my perspective on how food can be seen. Initially, I didn’t ever think of what a vegetarian would be able to eat. But the possibilities are endless. With his experienced chef, Enrico is changing the game.

A dream of mine would be to visit his restaurant in Detroit someday. I would love to bring his concepts and ideas to Royal Oak. Maybe one day.