We started our two day trip in Florence by visiting the Opera del Duomo. We then went to the baptistery, and after that were able to climb through Brunelleschi’s dome, which we had just learned about in our art history class. It was an incredible experience! Being able to be between the inner and outer shell of the dome literally put us inside the architecture, which was very cool, to say the least.

We then headed to ditta argitinale, to learn more about coffee for a portion of our studio project. We learned about the quality of coffee, the importance of cleaning the machines used for the preparation of coffee, and a little bit about how to plan out the space for the ease of the barista. We even got to taste test some of their espresso.

The following day was mostly a free day, and most of us did a combination of visiting the Uffizi Gallery and the Galleria dell’Academia. We all enjoyed seeing the Birth of Venus in the Uffizzi after learning about it from Nevio. We were also really excited to see Michelangelo’s David in the Galleria dell’Academia. We all pretty much had the same reaction when we saw him…. Which was that he was far larger than we had imagined. For some reason, we all thought he was human-sized. But it honestly was just kind of funny, and it made the experience even more impressive.

IMG_20210930_151832 IMG_2932