Study in Volterra: Carrie DaVia, UDM SOA 2008

Carrie DaVia
(UDM School of Architecture program summer 2008)

The entire Volterra trip was an amazing experience. Being able to see firsthand how a true city/community operates, interacting with residents and artisans in their workshops, visiting the weekend market, and taking trips to other incredible Italian cities were some of the highlights of the trip. Living in Volterra for six weeks was also a true growing experience in being immersed in a new culture and learning more about myself as a person. I’m truly thankful to have had this experience, and hopefully many more students will have the opportunity to fall in love with Volterra as well!


Drawings by Carrie DaVia

The moment Samantha, Krista and I landed in Florence coming from Barcelona, we stepped off the plane and were engulfed by gorgeous green mountains and wonderful fresh air. Even after a fabulous trip in Barcelona, we were all so happy that this was the country we’d be studying in for the next six weeks. On the bus ride to Volterra, we passed through numerous Tuscan mountaintop towns and wondered anxiously if each was our destination. As the bus rolled onward, we secretly breathed sighs of relief, hoping for something slightly…more. Finally, the bus brought us to Volterra, the oldest, most beautiful Etruscan city of all that was more than any of us could have dreamed of.