Preparing for Volterra

Panoramic View of Volterra

Panoramic View of Volterra

Volterra, an ancient Etruscan village full of history and architecture. For a University of Detroit Mercy Architecture Student Volterra might just be heaven.
As an escape from the overwhelming modern metropolis that Detroit offers the University of Detroit Mercy(UDM) has offered 19 students (12 architecture students, 7 open enrollment) the chance to experience Volterra in all its glory. To begin, I would like to introduce myself. I am Zachary VanOverbeke, a junior at the UDM School of Architecture. Recently I have expressed interest in writing the Volterra-Detroit Foundation blog so I intend to do so. You can expect 2+ Blog Posts a week, These may vary from my personal experience to interviewing everyone who is studying abroad with me.

Now that you (whoever you are that is reading this) is aware of the current circumstances and what is to come. I would like to take some time to explain the process that I have been going through in preparation for Volterra. Since being accepted to Study abroad in December 2014, I have been more than excited to begin my journey in Volterra, Italy. Being  accepted to the program meant I would need money, and quite a bit of it! That is when I scored a job with Rock Venutures LLC/BedRock Real Estate as an interning Architect. Not only did this internship help me achieve my dream of going to Volterra, it also has taught me some of the workflows of an Architecture firm and other things to be conscious of in my major. This is beside the point though, all that matters is I now have a plane ticket to Italy, so like it or not Europe, here I come!

With the semester starting on  May 5th, I have a lot to look forward to, I have completed my five week Italian language course, bought a plane ticket, began required semesterly readings, charted out ways to visit other countries, and not thought once on what to pack. With my plane departing in less that two weeks, this is kind of a major thing. To put this in perspective, it is like going to live in a foreign place for Three months without knowing what you need to survive. Yes, this is a first world country, and yes there will be other people with me, but in regards to being prepared I am a long shot from that. I’m sure it will all work out though, I mean I have made it this far  in life.

Stay Tuned,