Volterra – First Impressions

The first week here in Volterra has been amazing. Everything from the people, food, and, of course, the scenery seems unreal. Our week started off with multiple tours of the city and surrounding areas that influence our every day while we are here in Volterra. This was highlighted by meeting Masimo and Carlo, the two restaurant owners that seem to serve the absolute best food here in Volterra. Their restaurants offer not only good food but a personalized atmosphere that creates a comfortable environment not only to enjoy your food but also experience things as if we were normal customers and not just “tourist”. Aside from basking in the euphoria of Volterra the program attended the local Etruscan museum. The experience offered at the museum was unlike any other. This was due to the fact that all the descriptions and historic facts were written in Italian and us Americans were lost in translation. This forced us to look at the artifacts in a different manner, based on carefully examining the artifacts and the surrounding others being displayed with them many hypotheses and theories were made as to the function and meaning of each object. This was a very nice exercise due to the extra interaction placed into examining the objects and not viewing them just as “art” or “history”.

I apologize for the lack of pictures this week, as it has been overwhelming and no cameras were allowed in the museum.


Volterra's Sunset