I Bike Italy!


I Bike Italy, is a company that has been around since 1993. Since then it has offered unique tours of Italy and the Tuscan regions of Italy, all by various ways of travel. Five Students from UDM’s program happened to take a Bike Tour of the Classical Tuscan Region, during their tour they visited the Chianti area where some of the best wine in Italy is made. The Chianti Classico is a wine category that pays homage to the very beginning of brewing wine. Characteristics are that the wine must be a red wine, made with grapes that are all picked by hand and tossed into a fermentation process within a 40-mile span of land. The wine sits in vats and ferments for around 18-24 days based on the taste is desired. While fermenting the wine is circulated consistently through the vat making sure that the flavor is pushed throughout the liquid and not just separated at the top of the vat.

During the tour, the Students were taught about the Chianti Classico, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Extra Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Yes there is such a thing) and the history of the grape vines that inhabit the area. However, the catch for such information was a 15-mile bike ride through the hilly terrain of Tuscany. Although somewhat difficult the students received a Three-Course Lunch, Wine tasting, Olive oil tasting, and a Tour of a winery that may have been active since the 1400s.

Overall, the Tour was informative and very worthwhile. The food was great, and the wine was even better!. If you may be interested in attending such a tour you can find the details at www.IBikeItaly.com

Here are some of the scenic views and places that you may visit during the tour.

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