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Ciao Firenze

Visiting the birthplace of the Renaissance was an “enlightening” experience to say the least. From Brunelleschi’s dome dominating the skyline to the grand art collection of the Uffizi, Florance did not disappoint with sites to...


A Day Trip to Livorno

A group of students, including myself, had the opportunity recently to visit Livorno. Livorno is a port city on the west coast of Tuscany, known for its harbor and renaissance-era architecture. Less known by...


Ciao Siena

Siena was a wonderful time. Compared to Pisa’s relative flatness, Siena felt like our current home of Volterra with its hills and valleys. This led to fantastic sightlines and overlooks throughout the city. The...

Ciao Pisa

Pisa was a fascinating site to visit. After a very early bus journey due to unfortunate train protests during our travel time, we were greeted by a city rich in Romanesque architecture. Most famous...


Alabaster Studio

  Some in process photos of all of us getting a little messy while working on our alabaster sculptures. Lots of chiseling, filing, and sanding. Even more dust!   



Our trip to Rome was filled with lots of adventures… to say the very least. We started off our trip with some transportation issues (not enough seats on the only bus for all of...



Venice was filled with lots of learning + lots of fun. The city was so beautiful and we all became pros at navigating the water buses. The first day we visited Punta della Dagona,...