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UDM School of Architecture summer program in Volterra blog: May 5th-July 27 2015

Tombs of Volterra

Volterra Etrusca E Romana

Located just outside of the Etruscan Gates of Volterra are many archeological sites that date far back to the Roman period of time. One of these such sites is the Necropoli Del Portone. These specific...

Courtyard in Vatican Museum

Vatican City!

During UDM’s field trip to Rome, the students also had the opportunity to visit Vatican City and see the Vatican Museum. For those that don’t know the Vatican is a holy place that is...

UDM Students on top of Palatine Hill.

When in Rome!

Ciao! Recently the UDM SOA and UDM Open Enrollment students took a Three Day trip to Rome. Rome offered the student just about every tourist attraction that you can think of, which is in...


Venice in a Nutshell

Ciao!  Recently, one student from the program went to Venice to see the sights and experience the city.  As you may or may not already know, Venice is a city with absolutely no cars,...

I Bike Italy

I Bike Italy!

Ciao, I Bike Italy, is a company that has been around since 1993. Since then it has offered unique tours of Italy and the Tuscan regions of Italy, all by various ways of travel....