Category: Of Art and Volterra

A series of articles about the different ways Volterra is present in art. You will find here works, impressions and testimonies of the artists and about the artists from the past, as well as those who are living there today.

Duomo di Siena Crypt

Siena Crypt

The Crypt below the Duomo di Siena is a recent commission that had become accessible to the public in 1999. The crypts located directly below the Siena cathedral dates back the 1200s. The frescos...

Inside the Church of Saint Dalamazio

Chiesa Di San Dalmazio

The Church of Saint Dalmazio is a privatized church  located in Volterra, Italy.   The significance of the Church of Saint Dalmazio dates far back to the middle ages. Not only is the Church of...


Volterra in Art: Samuel James Ainsley

Samuel James Ainsley (1820-1874) was a British artist recognized especially for his drawings and watercolors of Italy. There are several drawings made on the artist’s third Tour of Etruria, April-July, 1843 in the British...


Of Art and Volterra: I Volterrani

Over the course of history there were several artists who came from Volterra, and therefore –  for the outside world – they went by the nickname “da Volterra” (from Volterra) or “Volterrano” (Volterran). This...


Volterra in Art: Thomas Cole

Thomas Cole was an American artist, born in England in 1801. His family emigrated to USA in 1818. He is best known for his realistic and detailed portrayal of American landscape and wilderness, focused...