Our trip to Rome was filled with lots of adventures… to say the very least. We started off our trip with some transportation issues (not enough seats on the only bus for all of us), which delayed us a good 5 hours. We had to wait outside the bus stop for a good two hours before we could return to Volterra and start the travel process over again, but we passed the time by playing some Chuno.


A lot happened in the city of Rome during our short stay (both good and bad) but we still managed to see a lot of really cool things. We got to go into the Pantheon which was very exciting. We also got to see the Trevi Fountain and the Colosseum. We happened to visit Vatican City on a Sunday, so we also got to see the pope. He blessed all of us (and about 1000 other people). We definitely did not expect that, but it was a fun experience! We also spent quite a lot of time in the Etruscan museum, looking at a plethora of Etruscan artifacts.

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